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Cable Commissioner: Marylee Abrams
Alternate: Bob Cardinal


Dakota Indians inhabited the lands we now call, Maplewood, before settlers arrived in 1850. A group of families traveled from St. Paul along an old Indian trail which is now Hazelwood Street. The Dakota asked the settlers to leave and after repeated attempts to claim the land, the settlers discovered the Ojibway had pushed the Dakota out of the area in 1853. Around the same time, southern Maplewood was also being settled.

The Village of Maplewood prospered over the years, and its name was changed to the City of Maplewood by the 1970’s. Maplewood is home to the main campus of 3M Corporation, Maplewood Mall and St. John’s Hospital. The city is ten minutes from downtown St. Paul, and stretches along most of St. Paul’s eastern and northern borders. The nearly 40,000 residents can keep up to date on city issues and public safety information through the monthly shows, Spotlight on Maplewood & Your Police Report, which air on GTN Channel 16.


2460 East County Road F

White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Cable Commission office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

651.747.3800, Administration

651.747.3810, Government Television Network

651.747.3820, On Location TV 19

651.747.3830, Suburban Community Channels

651.747.3840, SCC Technical Support

651.747.3849, Fax

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