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Joe Cullen Mary Kline

Joe Cullen
Phone: 651-747-3811

Joe started with GTN in 1999 as a producer/reporter. He produces "North St. Paul Notes," "Oakdale Update," and "Northeast Journal." and is also the host of "Northeast Journal." "I love being able to learn about the interesting people and places in the communities we cover!" People would be surprised to know that he was an extra in the movie "Joe Somebody."

Mary Kline
Phone: 651-747-3812

Getting out into the communities we serve, meeting interesting people and learning about their lives has been the most rewarding part of my work. And I’ve met a lot of fascinating people as a producer and reporter for the shows, “Your Police Report” and “Lake Area Beat”. I’ve been enlightened by their triumphs, struggles and dedication to protecting the public, and I value communicating their stories to our viewers.

Jeff Melchoch Nicholas Anderson
Jeff Melcoch
Phone: 651-747-3813
Nicholas Anderson
Phone: 651-747-3822
Lue Lee
Lue Lee
Production Coordinator
Phone: 651.747.3815


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